BEL SOLE Bed & Breakfast
Rooms in Bed & Breakfast near Port of Civitavecchia, Italy

Rooms for Holidays in Rome and for your stay before/after boarding Cruise ship or Ferry boat

Are you planning to take a Cruise or a Ferry from Civitavecchia? ITALIANO

BEL SOLE Bed & Breakfast
Via Rodi, 20


tel: +39 0766.547131
mobile: +39 327.6105021
fax: +39 0766.541399

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License No. 13 dated 05/05/2011
by Civitavecchia municipality

Civitavecchia Lodging house close to Cruise Ferry harbour

Are you planning to take a Cruise or a Ferry from Civitavecchia?
Will you need to stay one night or more in Civitavecchia before boarding?
Book your pre-cruise rooms by Bed & Breakfast Bel Sole, your cheap and convenient option to spend days in Rome and have nights of restaurant and relax in Civitavecchia.

Easily Book your Bed & Breakfast located near Railway station
All rooms have private bathroom with shower, breakfast included, free internet broadband, wood flooring. Then it comes a mini pool with Jacuzzi for relax and wellness. Transport to railway station, cruise port and ferry harbour.
In Civitavecchia you will have the chance to enjoy restaurants, pizza and ice creams.

Find your Room in Bed & Breakfast with mini whirlpool pool

Bed & Breakfast BEL SOLE   •   Via Rodi, 20 - CIVITAVECCHIA (Roma) - ITALY   •   tel: +39 0766.547131, mobile: +39 327.6105021, fax: +39 0766.541399
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