BEL SOLE Bed & Breakfast
Rooms in Bed & Breakfast near Train station of Civitavecchia, Italy

Information for booking holidays and stays in a comfortable facility nearby train station

Civitavecchia accommodation for booking holidays near railway station ITALIANO

BEL SOLE Bed & Breakfast
Via Rodi, 20


tel: +39 0766.547131
mobile: +39 327.6105021
fax: +39 0766.541399

Guesthouse Hotels for visiting sightseeing Rome conveniently from train Station

License No. 13 dated 05/05/2011
by Civitavecchia municipality

Civitavecchia accommodation in the area of railway station

Are you travelling by train?
Or are you going to park your car in Civitavecchia and visit Rome by train?
Frequent trains connect Civitavecchia railway station to Roma Termini station every day.
Click here for italian railway timetable

Guesthouse hotel with rooms near seaport Civitavecchia

Bed & Breakfast Bel Sole is the right accommodation for you in Civitavecchia, because it is close to the train station and offers you great rooms: bathroom, shower, breakfast included, free internet connection, air conditioning, 26 inch TV. In the facility you will also find a free jacuzzi mini pool. And while you are in Civitavecchia you can enjoy many good restaurants, pubs, pizza, ice cream cafe.

Civitavecchia Bed & Breakfast close to port terminal

Bed & Breakfast BEL SOLE   •   Via Rodi, 20 - CIVITAVECCHIA (Roma) - ITALY   •   tel: +39 0766.547131, mobile: +39 327.6105021, fax: +39 0766.541399
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